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“Corruption Is More Dangerous Than Wee Smoking, Release Wee Smokers Who Are Jailed Immediately” – Kwame A Plus


Popular Ghanaian political activist, Kwame A Plus born Kwame Asare Obeng seems to have problem with how the Ghana police service arrest people who smoke wee even though it is not legalized in Ghana as we speak. 

According to Kwame A Plus, in as much as it’s not legalized in the country, the police officer should stop arresting people in posses of the herbs since many youth waist their lives in jail as a result. 

He however lamented that, corruption is a dangerous crime as compared to that of smoking but leaders and other government workers who are corrupt walks around freely while those who are just smoking wee to make for pleasure are being jailed. 

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He also added that, comparing Wee and Cigarettes, if baffles him how people who smokes cigarettes are allowed to walk around freely while people who smoke wee are arrested knowing very well that, the danger and harm the cigarette give is more that wee, one can die of cancer and many other smoking related diseases when smocking cigarettes but allow them to walk around freely.

He However asked that, in this year 2021, persons who have been arrested and jailed by the police for possessing wee should be released immediately. 

“Stop arresting wee smokers!!!! Too many young people have wasted their lives in jail just because they were caught in possession of the leaf of a plant. 🤦‍♂️ This is 2021 and all human beings convicted of wee smoking must be released immediately. Corruption is more dangerous than wee smoking. However, not a single person has been jailed in this country for corruption. 

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What sense dose it make for a policeman to meet two people, one smoking weed and the other smoking cigarette, but arrest the wee smoker while the cigarette smokers is allowed to walk free. The wee smokers they say will go mad and eventually die. The cigarette smokers will also die of cancer and many other smoking related diseases. In fact, the dangers of cigarette smoking 🚬 is even boldly written on the pack. So what is the point? Wee death is no different from cigarette death? 

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Release all persons convicted of wee smoking now!!! This nonsense must stop immediately ✋immediately!!!” A Plus wrote on Facebook


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