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They Sold Him To Us As Some Diamond But He’s Equal To A Bucket Used A The KVIP – Kevin Taylor Fires


Controversial Ghanaian US-based broadcast journalistwho is the founder of Loud Silence Media and the host of With All Due Respect, Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor has hit hard on the current government and it leader, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo on his popularly show. 

Though many thinks he has some personal issue or hatred for the ruling New Patriotic Party and it members, Kevin Taylor seems not to be true since he hit hard on both the NPP and The NDC following previous comment made about the NDC. 

Having said that, on last night’s edition of his popular show, “With All Due Respect”, a show he uses the show to expose series of corruption cases in the country focusing mainly public sector corruption stated that, he lamented that media houses Kings and Chiefs in the county, Statesman and other sold Nana Addo to us as some diamond but he isn’t. 

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According to Tevin, His Excellency nana Addo who claim to be an anti-corruption crusader is even more corrupted than people who have admit to the the fact that they are corrupt. 

He lamented that, during Akufo-Addo’s time as the attorney general of the Republic of Ghana, worse things happen of which he stated that, in his regime, a huge cocaine found it way to Ghana but later got missing indicating how corrupt Nana Addo was even before becoming the president but Ghanaian have help shield him. 

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Tekin Taylor However compared Nana Addo to the bucket being used at the ‘Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pit(KVIP), Saying he is as dirty as the said bucket in terms of corruption in Ghana. 

“..If someone says he’s an anti-corruption crusader like the way Akufo-Addo said, he must be tested with power as Domelevo said .. Akufo-Addo was an attorney general, huge cocaine found itself in Ghana but later got missing .. we made a lot of scandals in this country but we all shield Akufo-Addo. 

Radio to TV to Kings to Chiefs to statesman, they all protected Akufo-Addo. They did everything possible to sell Akufo-Addo to us as some diamond while Akufo-Addo we knew he was equally to a bucket they use at KVIP. Kevin Taylor fumes 

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Akufo-Addo was a filthy when it comes to corruption.” Kevin added


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