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“I’m Happy those Kids Died At The Apam Beach” – Odifo Kwabena Tawiah


A few days ago the whole of Ghana was saddened by the drowning of some kids at the Apam beach after the President placed a ban on people visiting beaches for the independence day celebration. This tragic event got a lot of Ghanaians worried about the loss of such innocent and young lives. 

The founder and leader of the Church of Rabbi Odifo Kwabena Tawia has a different view from what most Ghanaians have. In an interview with Oman Channel on Youtube, He explained that every community has their norms, culture and tradition and when such traditions and culture are disrespected it brings about a doom. 

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He further said that the children were having s£x in the sea which provoked the Sea gods into drowning them. 

The also said he is very happy the kids died and commends the gods for taking such a step. 

He also call on the Apam community to perform so necessary rituals to pleas the gods or else such an incidence might occur again.

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