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John Mahama did not lose 2020 elections – A Plus


The controversial musician said none of the two main contenders crossed the 50+1 threshold.

In an exclusive interview on Starr FM, A Plus said John Mahama did not lose the elections and that it should have gone to a run off.

“He (John Mahama) didn’t lose the elections. In an election, there can be two winners and the election will go to a run-off so I think the election should have gone to a run-off,” he said.

A Plus who confessed to following the 2020 election petition opined that John Mahama lost the case because his team could not support their claims with enough evidence.

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He explained that the burden proof was on Mahama and his legal team but they failed to adduce enough evidence to support their claims.

“When you take a case to court, you don’t tell your truth and expect the judges to listen to your truth and make [a] judgement based on your truth. The judges were not at the polling station so if you tell the judge that you are not satisfied, you have to come prepared,” he said.

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The Electoral Commission declared President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as the winner of the December 7 polls.

He won a second term with 51. 59% of votes, beating out former president John Mahama of the NDC.

He was re-elected for a second term with 6,730,413 votes. Mahama received 6,214,889 votes, or 47.36%, making it a tight race between the two, as many had predicted.


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