Home Entertainment News The Kumawood Industry Still Remains The Best In Ghana – Agya Koo

The Kumawood Industry Still Remains The Best In Ghana – Agya Koo


Kofi Adu, also known as Agya Koo, is an actor and comedian from Ghana. He has appeared in over 200 Ghanaian movies including Obaatanpa, Away Bus, Black Star, and Ma Tricki Wo. Since Kumawood is part of the most interesting movies in Ghana, many people in Ghana have huge interest to watch their movies. 

Over the years, some entertainment pundits and the general public have raised concerns about Kumawood movie producers using trending events, personalities and song titles as movie title.

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It has been labelled as the burgeoning movie industry in Ghana and has been described by award-winning filmmaker Agya Koo as a great initiative despite impressions by many film critics that most Kumawood movies are substandard.

Ghana’s culturally dignified city of Kumasi is the home of the Akan movie industry known as Kumawood. Though “Kumawood” is a registered brand of Samdackus Initiatives’ award ceremony – , it has been used as an industry name for movies from Kumasi.

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According to Agya Koo, it is an undeniable fact that Kumawood movies played a pivotal role in keeping the movie market going at a tough moment when the Ghanaian movie market was almost extinct. This is the more reason why stakeholders have keen interest in its sustainability. Let’s not settle for less. It is always better to produce quality movies than churning out more movies that are substandard.


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