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SHS Lesbobo Couple Chop Love In School (Video)

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What is really happening to our so-called future leaders. Who is to blame for this acts of indiscipline that is on rampant in our most valued senior high schools. Two SHS girls shocks the world with their videos and it is appalling.

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Maybe this generation of children or students have been given too much freedom in everything that they do and it is becoming very evident and obvious in most of our highly prestigious senior high schools. We are not saying that back then there were no acts of indiscipline in our senior high schools, there were but because of the strictness and seriousness of school authorities, students mostly hid in doing most acts.

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But now maybe because of the freedom brought about by educational policies and reforms, students are at liberty to do most things they like and get to go scot-free and it is really really sad and very dangerous for the future of these children and the future of the nation at large.

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In a video fast trending online, two female students of an unknown senior high school can be seen doing whole lot of shameful acts.

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Watch the video below and share your comments.


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