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Meet Rockson, The Guy With The Most Heartbreak On Date Rush


In Date Rush, everybody deserves love. However, the slogan doesn’t appear to work for Rockson. Whiles others experience two or one rejection(s) and finally find a date, Rockson has been rejected 9 times. Yes! 9 times. And the matter is getting critical. Whoever has curse Rockson is indeed very wicked.

Rockson used to wear braided hair and many ladies rejected him for that reason. So, he decided to release the hair and allow love to reach him at ease. However, he has even experienced two consecutive broken heart rejections on the show. Sweet Mommie Frema Baby was the one that even shocked viewers. 

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Many Ghanaians thought she would pick him, but I guess our plans were not that of God’s or the lady. The matter is even becoming worst as many can’t fathom why he is experiencing such disappointing moments in his life. I want to use this platform to tell anyone who has cursed handsome Rockson to release him and allow the purpose of the show to reflect on him as well. Because on Date Rush: “Everybody deserves love” and that includes Rockson.


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